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Yesterday Morning, I had a  noteworthy realization, when my Dad sent me an article about  a young architect from Denmark, Bjarke Ingels. The article expressed that this man was particularly extraordinary because he had reached success at the tender age of 39 (for architects thats young).  His buildings were also different from that of most architects. Instead of the clean white lines, most people strive for, this architect built from almost whimsical fairytale like ideas. Bjarke Ingels equates his ideas to his hobby as a cartoonist, when he was younger. In one passage, he talks about his idea to make smoke stacks blow smoke rings. At first after reading this article, I thought, that this man was just and extraordinarily lucky guy with a great job. Most people never truly have the career they want. I want to be an architect, but I will probably never have the freedom in my career Bjarke Ingels enjoys. 

Bjarke Ingels: An Architect For A Moment Or An Era? 

Later that morning, while I was cleaning the apartment, I put on a Ted Talk titled, “Why will fail to have a great career.” In a nutshell, the video, wittily explains the most common failings we have when it comes to actually following our dreams. I realized by writing Bjarke Ingels off as simply a lucky man, I was looking at my own career as a failure already.  If I believe that I can only truly have the career I want, if I am lucky, then I am killing my drive all together. Luck is a funny word, because although I often use the term in conversation, I do not actually believe in luck. Random events may happen to put a particular person in a better situation at a certain time, but this is not luck. To believe in luck, is to believe that there is an outside driving force behind these random events. Because this force has reason, it is perhaps magical or all powerful. Even if you do believe in a higher force, you should not leave your career up to that. Your passion and drive is yours, and yours alone. Unfortunately we only have one life (as far as I know) to get it right. So please, no excuses. Follow your passions.

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